Windows 10 to Windows 7 networking issues Switch, router, hotspot, firewall, modem, ecc

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Windows 10 to Windows 7 networking issues

da johntimber » mer mag 23, 2018 9:45 am


I've been unable to get my Windows 10 machine to join the Homegroup that I created on my Windows 7 machine. At first the W10 machine saw the W7 machine as a network device in Explorer but wouldn't let me click through and browse files. W10 saw the Homegroup but would give me vague errors when I attempted to join the Homegroup. I went down the internet rabbit hole with the given errors trying a few different options (command line tools to repair corrupt Windows files, etc.) to fix this but nothing worked.Now, W10 doesn't even see the Homegroup as joinable and doesn't show the W7 machine as a network device in explorer. It wouldn't let me browse to W7 admin share manually by computer name, but it worked with an IP address. Conversely, W7 can see W10 fine in explorer by computer name.W7 machine hosting music files for Sonos works fine, so with all of the above said, I tend to think the issue lies with networking on the W10 machine. The last time I did a fresh install of Windows on the W10 machine was when I went from Windows 7 to Windows 8, so it's gone through 8.1 and 10 upgrades since then.My main questions are can anyone suggest steps for me to take to troubleshoot these issues, and are there any options short of a reset or reinstall that would blast out my Windows 10 network components so I could just start fresh with those parts instead of all of Windows?

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